Deodorant Container


product name: deodorant container, oval PCR deodorant container, 60-75ml oval deodorant container, diamond lid oval deodorant container, square deodorant container,

Recyclable PCR materials, the product is used in paste deodorant, paste mosquito repellent, shaving cream and other packaging, there are 60g/70g/75g deodorant container capacity specifications, accept a variety of shapes and colors OEM and ODM.

Our Deodorant Container uses PCR recyclable materials imported from the United States to reduce further environmental pollution from plastic. The shapes have oval and square. The blue light Deodorant Container, 

In order to reduce environmental pollution by plastic waste, we use degradable paper tubes to make the deodorant containers, while maintaining user habits, we use PCR recycled materials to design the twisting mechanism.

In this way, 80%of the paper tube and 20%of the plastic are used to make the deodorant container, which minimizes the use of plastic.

We also use a separate structure of plastic and paper tube for this deodorant container, so that users can sort and dispose of garbage after use.

our latest development uses bactericidal blue light to remove fungi from the surface of the body firstly,to ensure that Deodorant works fully on the skin.

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